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It’s sad but true… making a decent income online is harder than ever. There’s more competition. More rules and red tape. And no matter what niche you target, your potential customers are hard to reach.

Advertising is ridiculously expensive and complicated.

SEO is crazy competitive.

And blogging for traffic is about as easy as hitch hiking a ride to the moon.

To make matters worse, Google, Facebook and even Twitter are always adding new rules and roadblocks to stop marketers from getting in front of potential buyers and subscribers.

It’s tough out there, but there’s one simple little business you can launch TONIGHT that has the potential to make you seriously good money… without all the hard work that I just mentioned.

I’m talking about selling little non—fiction books on Kindle.

Now, before you groan… “I’ve heard about this before!” hear me out.

First, the reason why Kindle rocks is because:

1. It’s freakin’ huge — millions of buyers go there every day to buy books.

2. It’s easier than normal business models — you don’t need a website, and Kindle attracts buyers for you, so you can focus on creating books people want to buy.

3. There’s no risk or upfront costs — you only pay a fee when somebody buys your book. Sweet!

Secondly, the reason you probably haven’t tried it — or tried but failed to make any decent cash — is because it’s damn hard to keep creating books that sell.




The fact is, you need to crank out lots of books to make real money on Kindle. And that means lots hours researching and writing, designing, fiddling and formatting… for every single book you publish.

WHAT IF you could instantly create red hot Kindle books that people actually wanted to buy instead?

*Even if you’re not an expert.

*Even if you’re not a great researcher or writer.

*Even if your design skills are at grade 5 level?

What if you could crank out these books for easy Kindle cash, even if you’re running another business, or working a day job, and get home late, always feeling too tired to do anything?

And no, I’m not talking about spending hundreds of dollars to hire freelancers to do all the work for you.

I’m talking about using a brand-new eBook creation tool that cuts out 98% of the work for you, pumping out endless titles that you can sell right away!


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This is your chance to get a piece of the Kindle action, with a brand new tool that makes it drop dead simple to crank out best—selling ebooks, in MINUTES!


PS. This is how anyone — and I mean anyone off the street — can just sit down, press a few buttons, and wham… out pops a beautiful ebook ready for Kindle, packed with useful content, designed to grab eyeballs and sell like crazy.

With this tool in your hands, you can:

— Dominate niches, even if you don’t know anything about the subject (it fills your book with content FOR YOU.)

— Crush the competition by out publishing them (the more books you create, the more visibility and chances of making a sale you have. This tool allows you to create dozens of books per HOUR!)

— Save bags of cash hiring freelancers (just click or tap your way to Kindle books that people WANT to buy.)

— Save time and money on design tools (again, this thing takes care of everything, inside and out, so you don’t have to worry about it)

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